Monday, November 19, 2018

A Clamshell

 After a big project like a sweater, 
it is time to pull out some 'almost but not quite finished' ideas and actually finish them!
No matter how you use this lap blanket-with points up or points....
down, it is a very warm and pretty clamshell blanket!
This is 30" x 40', knit with Vanna's Choice worsted yarn in 7 different colors.
If you search Ravelry with just the word clamshell, you will find a sweater, hat and shawl made from these motifs which are attached as you knit each one-no seaming.  
I used the pattern instructions from Cheryl Burnette over 30 stitches.


  1. Another beautiful finish! I love how the colors are arranged - well done.

  2. Very pretty. I love the clam shell pattern.

  3. What mermaid wouldn't love to cuddle under that beauty?

  4. And it’s even prettier in person! :)


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