Tuesday, November 20, 2018


I have wonderful distractions here and later today I have two more coming!
Oh, yeah, their parents are here, too!  
And the weather is beautiful!
And a new sweater is on the needles!
(the same pattern as the purple sweater,
I'm just going to try it from the bottom up this time!)


  1. Have a very happy Thanksgiving, Cindy and Bill. Looks like the pool will be extra busy this week!

  2. the turquoise suits the cat:) lovely colour, nice and cool (though I liked the purple as well!)... happy thanksgiving to you and yours! and btw - do you know this link?http://alessandrina.com/
    all about machine knitting... and some handknitting tips, too....

  3. Having the family around on Thanksgiving is such a blessing!!!

  4. Will be a fun week! With our temps, it's hard to imagine being in a pool - lol.

  5. So nice to have a houseful for the holidays - enjoy!

  6. Yay for family gatherings!! Enjoy your kids and knits, the best combination.

  7. Hooray for family. Everyone looks excited to be together . I could never put my knits that close to my cats. They can't resist yarn!

  8. Have a wonderful time with your family. Happy Thanksgiving.

  9. When I just saw that first picture, I literally thought, “Who is that in the pool with the kids? I don’t remember Caleb getting in there.” 😳 I am still adjusting to my boy being a man-boy! They were so happy to get to swim!


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