Saturday, September 18, 2021


 Another bowl is finished-I will be trying a different style soon; 

 one more is my plan for these square bowls first, though.

I completed both tops from the Quilts for Kids kits;

working out the mitered corners on the striped inner border on the one.  The fabric matched on one end but I was unable to match it on the other---I stopped stressing over it and just sewed it!  It looks fine.

And the Jar Collection quilt is off the frame and ready for its binding.

A new bowl and binding will happen but I really want to put the machine knitting sweater back on track.  It has been reduced to a bunch of yarn cakes--not a fashion draw right now!

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  1. I never mastered the mitered corner. I have tried every trick I could find but mine are still ugly. I just square off my ends like my great grandmother did. It's not pretty but it works.
    The M&Ms look very pretty in you new bowl. They wouldn't last long around


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