Saturday, September 4, 2021


The Country Woods quilt has been sewn back together--I am pleased with both the size and the arrangement this time!  Now it is   41"  x  50" and a bit more interesting!

This is what it looked liked before I upgraded it!  Small and plain!

 I bought the rest of the paint I needed to finish the hall from the dining room to my studio, so I also painted yesterday!  It was too gloomy to take a picture by the time I finished (it rained all day!) so I will get one today for tomorrow's post.

 But I also did a bit of this during rest times!  I need to make one more of this block for this month's installment and 3 more of a new block!  I do find I have to look at what I am doing more with crochet than with knitting which forces me to listen more than watch yet sometimes, you have to look up to see what is going on! A bit challenging but fun to conquer a more complicated stitch!


  1. I like the added sashing. It does make all the difference. Those crochet blocks are so pretty. All those color changes are so interesting. I have no idea how they are done. Crochet is such a mystery to me.

  2. The update to the quilt was definitely worth it. It is more dynamic.
    I love those crochet squares. Crochet has come a long way!

  3. I like the color combo of your crochet squares.

  4. What a difference the added details made on the quilt. Beautiful! The squares are so pretty and detailed too. New stitches are always fun. I'm crocheting a baby blanket in different colors than I've used before. However, a new puppy is taking up most of my time.

  5. Yes! What a difference it makes adding the additional borders around the quilt! I can see why you wanted to change it. It really pops now. Nice crochet squares.


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