Thursday, September 16, 2021


I finished sewing the rows and laying out the borders on the QFK's--
and today I will sew them all  together!  
I did knit the front and back onto the yoke of the new t-shirt sweater.
Lena kept me company all morning.
And when I did the ta-da moment after knitting the 2 1/2"  of 1 x 1 ribbing --I measured the sweater and it will not fit me.  
Not even close.
I will be ripping it out and starting over in a much larger size later on today.....maybe.  
This is why I took the vacation 
from the knitting machine 6 months ago!  Sigh.


  1. The quilts are beautiful and cheerful. Perfect and I think Lena is the perfect helper. Sorry about the sweater issues. It makes me afraid to try that little knitting machine I got for free at the garage sale. With the puppy, I barely have time to pick up needles once in awhile, let alone learn the machine!
    Have a great Thursday!

  2. Sorry about the sweater, but the quilts are lovely!

  3. Oh, dear. I hate when that happens and it happens to me all the time especially after hand knitting something for a couple of years. The whole concept of a good fit is something I just can't seem to master.


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