Wednesday, September 15, 2021


I finished the rolled collar on Monday night and then yesterday morning I realized  I had knit it wrong side out!  I ripped it right out and sat down to knit it again the right way!!!! Today, I will load this yoke on the knitting machine and knit the back and the front--well, that's the plan!
I took this picture when leaving Mary's home yesterday;  so many residential streets kept these tall, majestic palms trees and so the streets split around them-I enjoy it when I am able to find one!  We had a successful sewing session and I will post the top tomorrow for your viewing pleasure!
I woke up to a lot of pain yesterday so when I got home, I  pretty well spent.  I sat and dozed and listened to a book while Lena sat on my lap.  There was even a T-storm to enjoy which added to the drowsy mood.  When Bill was able to go out for a golf cart ride, he brought in this fig-most of them are eaten by critters before he gets to them!  This one is so big!  
The size of a golf ball at  least!
He was afraid to leave it on the tree so he picked it a bit early but it is still so beautiful!  
And now to devour it....
Lena helped keep me company while getting ready for bed last night--she is so sweet!


  1. I was so amazed watching the palm trees stand up to Hurricane Ida last week. I said to The Mister that it's too bad those aren't the kind of trees we have out here. They can stand up to so much. Our fall over if you look at them.
    That is a pretty fig. I miss my tree so much this time of year. Fig jam is my favorite.

  2. Those ridiculously tall palm trees are so beautiful! I wish we had them up here. Pretty fig. Ours have been delicious this year (and I tend to pick them a bit early too).

  3. I love palm trees. I was almost 30 the first time I saw a real one and fell in love with them. They remind me of a totally different lifestyle than I live in the north! :-) The fig looks delicious and I'm sorry about the knitting visit to the frog pond. Knowing you it will be a finished object tonight!

  4. I love it when engineers work around nature!
    hope you have less pain today - Lena is a good caretaker!

  5. Those palms are beautiful…that fig is big! (sorry for the rhyming words)…and Lena is so adorable! I still always picture her as the petite young one she was and it catches me off guard to see her grown up!

  6. Love that the roads go around the trees. That would not happen here. I’m eager to see Mary’s creation.


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