Tuesday, September 14, 2021


The finish was finished on this antique--my very own rocking chair which is at least 60 years old! 
 I sanded first and am now applying shellac.  
After the first coat dries, a little bit of buffing with a white 3m pad and then another coat.  I will probably end up with 3 coats for a good covering and to ensure maximum endurance!
I also made over the curtains that used to hang in this window and now it is a valance!

This morning, I'm headed to give a quick lesson to my friend, Mary, on how to put together a kit from Quilts for Kids.

Have a good day!


  1. What a beautiful chair!
    I have a very antique rocking chair that my aunt gave me that supposedly belonged to my great, great, great grandmother Ida. Whoever finished it back in the day did a remarkable job because I sit in it everyday and knit and I have never had to do anything to it. It shines like crazy after all these years. I also had a rocker from my grandmother on my dad's side but the custodian at our old school threw it in the dumpster one night because I had moved the trash can over by it and he thought it was trash. Can you imagine? I cried so hard he bought me another one but it wasn't the same.

  2. The chair is absolutely beautiful. What a great job you're doing on the refinishing.
    How fun to have found someone to quilt with. I'm still hunting for a knitting group that is close by. I miss seeing people.

  3. Nice! Dave has taken over the bamboo rocker I put on the porch. I didn't expect him to like it so much, but it's his chair now!

  4. Nice to see the rocking chair is still in use. It was made at a time when things were meant to last. Sounds like you had another productive and fulfilling day. Have a wonderful Wednesday.


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