Friday, September 17, 2021


We have three cats...all  females and not friends with each other--they walk through the house giving each other wide berth. 
 Every once in a while, one will lay in front of the cat door
 so the others can't come in! 
 And then there is the face off to prove who is top dog cat
 and there is much caterwauling!
Lena is all 'puffed up' but she won't join in their battle; 
 she often will face off one on one, though!
I made a work apron yesterday-something to wear at the lathe
 to keep the wood chips from sticking to my front!
It worked well--the dust you see on this
 is fresh from the work I did on the lathe to try it out!
The fabric is duck so the chips brushed right off-very convenient and not too warm to wear!
I also broke through the quilting frame freeze---
I am using this design;
---a pantograph called Rick Rack, I believe. 
 It is simple to do and I like the look.
I ended yesterday with a new block for the afghan--
mosaic stitch with an interesting center motif! 
 I will be doing more of the same today 
but hope to make some finishes along the way! 


  1. Whew....that's a lot for one day!

  2. That is an excellent quilting design for those jars…and the apron is a smart idea! We have the occasional cat squabbling, but mostly Felix tries to adore Mindy and sidles up to try to get her to love on him and lick him…she usually just gives him a whack on the head for his troubles, but he adores her anyway!!

  3. Like your apron for the lathe work - very nice! You had a busy day!!

  4. I wonder if it's because you have all female cats? I've never heard of cats that live together acting like that.
    Love that apron. I can see where the duck fabric would be perfect for a woodworking apron. Love that pattern too.
    Finally, I think you made a wonderful choice for the quilting. It looks woderful.

  5. Great work apron - good coverage and easy to put on and take off.

  6. Cats are funny. Mine all get along, but Relic likes to lay across the top of the stairs. Rupert won't jump over him, so he sits on the landing and yells until I come pick him up and either carry him over Relic, or make Relic move.


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