Thursday, September 23, 2021


I sat down and decided to try the top one more time...
and it went off without a hitch! 
 I even improved a few of my techniques
 for the separating and joining rows! 
 Nice to have it go so well.  
This time if it doesn't fit, 
I will find someone it will and be done with it! lol
I am enjoying the new mosaic blocks for the afghan--this one has what looks like a flower tile in the middle!  
I have two more blocks to make 
and will be done for this month already!  
(which is a good thing so I can catch up 
on the granny squares afghan I am making, too!)

I will be knitting the ribbing rows on the sleeves of the top 
while waiting at  a doctor appointment this morning; 
 without the errands afterwards,
 I hope to not tire me out so much today!


  1. Nice that your machine knitting went well - congratulations! Those mosaic blocks are so pretty.

  2. Such pretty mosaic blocks and I'm also glad you figured out the machine knitting. I have to take MIL to the doctor this after noon. I need to remember to pack my project bag.

  3. The flowers look nice in the middle of the blocks. Put your feet up and knit when you get home from your appointment.

  4. The mosaic square is really pretty. At first I couldn't quite make out what kind of top you are working on. I've never actually made anything to wear but perhaps I'll get adventurous and attempt a sweater before the end of the year. :)


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