Thursday, April 7, 2022


I finally found the energy after therapy yesterday to finish the binding on the flannel baby quilt. I pressed the bnding towards the outside which made it a lot easier to then fold it over to the right side when sewing the binding down on the front; it was a hint I watched on a video from YouTube..

 When I went outside to get a little air, I was startled by this guy. It  wasn't one of our lizards or chameleons but rather is a mole skink which should be under the sand and not running across my house! I'm used to finding him in the mulch or dead leaves around my plants, not up on my wall!


  1. I found our first blue skink on the front porch the other day. They have a very bad habit of running under the door into the foyer where one of my kitties waits in prey. She ate one once and it made her very sick. I need to figure out how they are getting in so that doesn't happen again.

  2. Where there is one, there is more. I'm not fond of little lizards or skinks///but my husband loves them.

  3. That is so pretty and soft looking.
    I can't imagine having those reptilian things in or around my house. The first time we went to Hawaii they were all over the lanaii and would come inside if we forgot and left the slider open even just a hair. Ick!

  4. I love skinks! Such a fun group of lizards!

  5. Poor lost little skink. Hope he found his way back outside.

    When we lived in Orlando I was surprised to find a rat snake in the middle of the living room one morning. How he got in, I don't have a clue.

  6. Love the patchwork. I'm a fan of color and pattern mixing. Hope the skink skedaddled along. We have geckos here. Took a picture of one on our glass door the other day. I try my very best not to let them get inside because they are awful hard to catch.


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