Tuesday, April 5, 2022


So after reading about my 'lacy' soap, I put all of the bars into the crockpot and melted them down again to porridge!  
When it was all blended well we poured it into the loaf pan again to let it harden up and hopefully this time the bars will be solid. There were two disappointments in this process; the color is darker and the second cooking made most of the lemongrass smell disappear!
The good news, it said each bar is solid and smells clean like a goat's milk soap without the lemongrass. Some of these bars are missing because I gave them to my friend, Summer, already!
This is where I go to PT it's a converted home so it's nice and clean and open. I couldn't ask for a better staff only a few minutes down the road from my home!
 This is the view out the front window. Between the trees is the water of the beautiful Crescent Lake.
Since I was gone most of the yesterday, 
I'm looking forward to a good cleaning day today


  1. Glad the soap is usable even if it’s plan b. :) The lake is so lovely!

  2. Lemongrass is one of my favorite smells. Nice place for PT. My mom fell and broke her wrist a few weeks ago and yesterday finally was able to see a specialist. Have not yet heard from her to know what the outcome was. :/

  3. I'm sorry your soap is a bit of a disappointment but at least it's usable now. It's a mystery as why it was lacey to being with isn't it?
    You have a beautiful place to have PT. Soon you'll be back to your old self and zooming about. The lake is so pretty. I really miss "our" lake in Washington.
    Blessings and hugs,

  4. I looked up Crescent Lake. WOW! That is huge.

    There were a whole lot of things that went wrong about living in Jacksonville, but I will never not miss living along the St. Johns. That part was BEAUTIFUL and I still think Fernandina Beach is just about my favorite place on earth. I loved living around all that water.

  5. Great save! Re-batched soap may look awful but it's nice soap. After all that cooking it's very mild and doesn't have to cure as long.


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