Tuesday, April 12, 2022


I was looking for a pot for a new plant and took this one out of the group of failed seeds.  I couldn't believe it when I noticed a little green sprout!  I put Lupine seeds in this pot last year and we immediately had a downpour and it must've driven the seeds too deeply in the pot.  It remained empty all last year.
So you cam imagine my surprise when this one seedling has grown several inches now!  It's good to learn to give things a chance before you toss it as worthless!



  1. Love it!!! Lupins are one of my favourites. They can also be very fussy, so I'm not surprised they took a while to make their debut. The ones I've planted in the peat pods are doing well.. so far.

  2. A beautiful suprise for you. Lupines are so pretty. It will be fun to see these as they grow.

  3. I love when that happens. I had some impatiens that surprised me like that one year. Somehow they survived the winter.

  4. Aren't lupine leaves really interesting! Good luck with your new baby.


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