Saturday, April 2, 2022


I've had the hardest time finding some denim cropped pants.  In frustration, I bought a pair of jeans and cut them to length!  Ha!  I refuse to wear paints that look painted on and with holes all over the front of the legs!  I know, I sound my age!
The soap did's never happened before so I am at a loss at what caused it.  I am going to let it dry and pretend it is lacy on purpose!  Some of the articles I read mention the overheating of a milk soap (this has goat's milk) will cause this.  I am going to try to rebatch it by melting in a crockpot today! 
Deb, could you hazzard a guess?!
The best part of today?  Youngest son's family has come for an overnight visit!


  1. I hate shopping as there are only malls here to find things and malls are not my jam. Definitely need some cropped pants though since it's already getting hot here. Soap works no matter it looks like and handmade is always nice. ;) Enjoy family time.

  2. Intended or not, the soap looks pretty neat.

    I don't mind painted on jeans (as long as they are comfortable), but I've definitely reached the age where I wont' buy them ripped. In MY DAY, you had to earn those rips, not buy them! Lol

  3. Oh, wow..... I get ugly dark spots when I overheat milk soap. Did you test the Ph and make sure it's not lye pockets? Some lyes don't dissolve well and will do that. I know that some essential oils will do that too. They don't bind with the oils in the batter and it all comes apart in places. I had one do that to me once. If the Ph is ok I would throw it all in a crock pot and rebatch it to smooth it out.

  4. Is there anything better than swimming by the light of the pool light? That was my favorite time in our pool.

    I just bought a whole bunch of jeans shorts at WalMart. I'm gettin' ready for summer!!! (No holes for me either. At a certain point in life you just have to say NO to that! LOL)

  5. That's why I wear sundresses. My legs are so long it's hard to find jeans in the cool weather and shorts are either too short or holey.
    I hope someone can help with the soap but I think it looks pretty neat.


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