Friday, February 23, 2024


I'm a bit behind on the Stars Like Spaghetti MQAL but the last clue is out so I know what I am aiming for now!  How pretty is this?!
While laying in bed, I organized each block to get a variety of colors already decided and in the order I sew them together.  It worked well because I could make the last three blue blocks I needed.
(Yes, Lena was determined to lay on the blocks...)
I did the same thing for the red blocks so I can finish them over the next few days!  I can make a block in about 15 minutes which is a reasonable time to be up still!  Only a few more to go!
Of course, we all know the way we eat an elephant--
that's how I am sewing right now!  



  1. That is a very pretty pattern.

  2. its looking amazing!!! and that was a great idea on how to organize each block!!

  3. I think it's hilarious that you have timed your "up" time to be so productive! I can see how you are itching to get to that one. It's a real beauty.

  4. Love your design! Hope you gain more up and about time each day. I am amazed at how much you accomplish!

  5. That's a great pattern, and I love the colors you have chosen.

  6. So pretty! Glad you are getting able to do a bit more each day! xx


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