Friday, February 2, 2024


Yes, it is Covid;  JN.1 to be exact.  It could be worse because the fever is gone already and I was even able to sit and knit for a while.  Nyki is checking to see how soft the yarn is.
I dug out a Dotz project and worked on it for while when watching an old version of Murder on the Nile.

I still don't recommend this adventure mainly because it sure does mess with your social calendar!


  1. So sorry to hear you are down! Rest up and focus on your health. I just watched an older version of Evil Under The Sun. Love Agatha!!

  2. I'm sure sorry that nasty virus has hit you but very glad to hear that the fever is gone already. Hopefully it will be a very mild case, although it may take awhile to recover since you have underlying things going on. At least you have Nyki to keep you company and lots of projects to do when you feel like it. I'll be keeping you in my prayers as you continue to get better and better.
    Blessings and hugs,

  3. Hope you're on the mend. I got a terrible cold/flu thing last week (no fever, but aches, pains, congestion, coughing). I'm feeling better but the darn cough is persistent and it's driving me nuts!

  4. Thinking of you and hope you’re feeling better today.

  5. Oh, no....Daughter just had a new student return after two weeks from Covid and he told her it was his FIFTH TIME of having it. His parents must be losing their minds with the disruption to their work schedules.

    I've heard rest is very important to avoid Long Covid both during and after the infection. I know how much you hate not to be doing anything so I know that would be the hard part for you but at least I need my daily dose of inspiration.

  6. Oh no! Hope you feel better soon and it doesn't get worse... rest, rest, rest!!!! xx

  7. So sorry to hear you're sick! Hope you recover quickly! I love that sock yarn. Nyki has good taste!

  8. Sorry to hear that but hope you are feeling better and in the mend.


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