Saturday, February 24, 2024


I measured out my 120" for the warp for my 24" Knitter's Loom by Ashford and began threading! 
Of course, there were a few setbacks out of my control! 
 The few of the plastic spacers that hold the take-up beams both in front and in the back broke apart in pieces when I put some tension on them while warping!  Thankfully, I had emptied my loom bag to make sure I had everything I needed to work before I began and I remembered seeing 4 new ones which is just what I needed to replace the broken ones-two in the front and two in the back!
The warp wound on without further mishap and I was glad the next step was performed sitting down even after my break for lunch.  I then tied on all of the yarn to the front 'beam' and was able to begin the weaving.
I was a bit shaky at first but after 4-5 inches it smoothed out. 
I even had to repair a warp thread that broke because it was a thin spot in my handspun!  (Sock weight Coopworth wool)
I piled a ton of pillows behind me so I was comfortably seated and watched Poirot while a storm raged outside! 
 So much wind and driving rain!  The cats enjoyed my company in front of the fire again-I have been in bed for so long they missed our fireplace room time together!
When I had 10" done, I knew I needed to lay down again!
  Yes, the meds are helping  but I am pretty pitiful still! 
 I'm glad I powered through the warping and have this ready to weave now.  It should provide some good therapy! 
 (Thinking of the convalescent homes 
and their many handcrafts to heal body and spirit!)


  1. That's a lot of effort! It takes me a couple of days to get a warp on the loom. I'm getting ready to do that process myself today and just thinking about it makes me tired.

  2. You are so productive and creative! Feel better soon!

  3. Glad you're feeling better and able to get crafting again...even if you need to take breaks or a nap. That's headway. LOVE the colors in your weaving. Keep up the good work. One day at a time, Rome wasn't built in a day.

  4. So pretty! Will enjoy watching this become a skirt. Glad you were able to be up today, keep resting and recuperating.

  5. That's amazing! I'd love to learn how to do that....... one day! xx


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