Monday, February 26, 2024


I've  been playing around with a few new stitches and fell in love with the linen stitch or moss stitch and have made many using it but this is the same stitch in the round!  I also love using the peaches & cream variegated yarn- it is soft and smooth and a bit finer in grist than the solid colors that are hard and harsh to crochet with in my opinion!  In the YouTube I watched, she called it Moss stitch to Infinity by working each round and ending it with a slip stitch, I changed it just a bit by working around and around without ending and turning each round--it was very relaxing!

I've also been doing a lot of weaving!  I work on this while the loom is on the stand and also propped up on pillows on my lap when I have to be back in bed!  It is likewise working up well and is very relaxing!  

I went to the on-call doctor on Saturday morning since I was having trouble with pain in my right lung.  She said that Covid had triggered an inflammation which my immune system overreacted to and she put me on a higher dose of steroids and a different medicine for my nebulizer.  They helped a lot and I feel like I just might be well again!  I am off today to see my regular PCP and see what he wants to add or take away from the plan!  It's been a month today.....


  1. A month wow....I just read another article about how rest is so critical after Covid and I feel bad that so many have to return to work too soon. We are so lucky not to have that complication but it's still frustrating when there are so many fun things to be doing.
    I didn't thread my loom the way you suggested because I always go into panic mode when I have to move the threads off the warping board. I can't even imagine trying to tie all those ends on-357 to be exact. I'm still sitting here looking at those threads just sitting on the loom. I haven't worked up the courage to wind it all on yet even with The Mister's help. It's very

  2. Good to hear you are getting different/better meds. Hope it all helps!

  3. That's a pretty dishcloth! I didn't know you could also do the linen stitch with crochet. You sure do keep busy with all your talents! So glad to hear that you're feeling better, too.

  4. What pretty squares, weaving, and your socks from today. Best Wishes on your trip. My mom and sister had to cancel plans to come up for Rowdy's birthday because of a virus she picked up on a cruise ship. She has been on oxygen for a month now.


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