Sunday, February 25, 2024


I thought it was time to finish this sock before the end of the month!  It's going to be close since the month is short
 but we do get an extra day this year, at least!  
Bill finished building the raised platform for my lounge corner.
And we (I watch, he works!) put the furniture back in place.  
You can see on the left side, there is a gap for the water to run UNDER the deck so the rug will not be sitting in the water after rain or pool splashes!  I enjoyed a nap there for an hour 
and when I headed back to the house, I tripped on the low step! 
 It will be a bit of a learning curve in this brain! 
 Bill offered to put up some accident tape to give me a warning 
for next time.  Thanks but no thanks; it won't go with the decor! 


  1. Looks great!! -Marsel

  2. Your little corner looks so inviting! I trip over steps all day long here. My brain refuses to let me know when there is still one step left to go and plunk. I go down. Thank goodness for handrails or I'd be out the front

  3. That corner looks like a perfect place to relax with some ice tea and your knitting.

  4. Looks like kitty approves of that sock! It sure would be nice to have a spot like that outside. It's raining again here. Hope you weren't hurt when you tripped!

  5. Such a great corner for you to relax in … love that it is raised and finished off with a rug. Great socks, how do you like the Wool Select ?

  6. I am bad at misjudging steps and tripping over my own two feet! I know you can get those socks done!


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