Friday, July 5, 2013

Day Seven of TDF

 I had a bit of dyeing to do today so I could spin some color.   The fiber took forever to dry because it kept raining every little bit today!  Not my usual kind of day!
 The fuchsia is Columbia/Suffolk lamb.........kind of homespun but packed for next week's trip.
 This is BFL and will be a pair of fingerless mitts!
I didn't conclude any mileage but I am ahead of the game and this bobbin of singles is acceptable for my goals!
I am also going great on the scarf-the light bulb finally went off and I can do the pattern without gripping the instructions every other stitch!  Yippee!


  1. There are two colors on that scarf? No wonder there was such a learning curve.

    Love the green BFL. It's going to make great mitts.

  2. you'll soon have covered all the colours of the rainbow in your spinning - I think you have to do some purple, too:)

  3. Pretty colors in your queue...and the scarf is stunning! I love the nature-y effect of the green leaves on the brown background.


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