Tuesday, July 9, 2013

TDF and Travel

For Day 9-11 I have added another 277 yards , this time of Blue Faced Leicester, fingering weight yarn.  I was a bit disappointed the yarn is more teal then forest green but I can always overdye it later!
 The Brioche Alex scarf is off the needles!  It is 55" long-a bit on the shorter side but I am thrilled with the success of the lesson!
The reverse is a nice complement of the front.  I will be trying a hat next!
We are heading to NY to visit my parents for the celebration of 60 years of marriage!
Storm didn't want us to go........she is sighing, 'there is no place like home.....!'
(A great friend will be kitty-sitting for us while we are gone!)


  1. Have a great trip (even without Stormy)!

  2. I quite like the "green"....and maybe that pose is cat-tish for "can't I come, too"?:)

  3. The Brioche scarf is beautiful! I love it that it is reversible, too.

    Have a safe trip!

  4. The Brioche scarf is beautiful. I love the colors you pick to knit your scarf with. I like the color of your yarn but like you said you can always over dye yarn if you don't like it.

  5. Wow! Your scarf is incredible! I love the colors and the pattern. Congratulations!


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