Monday, July 29, 2013

I Photos

This is my very own indigo growing.........and waiting for me to learn how to use it in the dyepot!


  1. I always wondered what an Indigo plant looked like. Do you use the flowers or leaves for dying? Does the plant get big? Hmmmm....I think I'll head over to Google and see. You've got me extra curious now. I like your "I" one else posted an Indigo. :-)

  2. that looks healthy! I tried it from seed once, but it never grew past the small plant stage. and yours even flower! I don't think I'll try that again, the only indigo plant I can grow over here is polygonum tinct. and that only during the summer... good luck with "getting the blues":)

  3. Ah... natural dyes. You are a brave woman.

  4. I'll be watching this with great interst!


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