Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Good Week so Far!

 I began the rainy Monday by attempting to hand sew the binding on the quilt.  I immediately attracted a rainy day napper instead!  So of course I picked up my knitting instead...
I did manage to finish the binding and washed and dried it!  It is all packed and ready to deliver!
I knit my little skein of milk fiber into its swatch for the binder!
I made some goat's milk soap with lavender.  I used my first bar this morning in the shower-wow!  It is such a luxury.
The socks are officially finished.
I made a summer dress for a friend who had given me the fabric and asked for a dress in exchange!
Last night, I began the Field of Flowers socks but immediately ran into a problem.  The socks were way too large for a woman and since Bill doesn't appreciate flowers on his feet I had to re-size the chart.  This is my third drawing but I am ready to start it again in the morning!


  1. My goodness, have you been busy! Quilts, spinning, dresses, redesigning socks, soap... Wow!

  2. Those are some fun finishes!

    I want to hear more details on the milk protein fiber.

    Can you imagine what Dad's giant feet would look like in flower socks -- talk about a field of flowers!!! :)

  3. That soap looks dreamy. Love the quilt!

  4. I'm glad you include things like, "this was my third drawing". It is very inspirational! Oh to have that kind of perseverance and patience! The end products are beautiful!

  5. Always busy, nothing stops you -- not rain, not cats, not even "too big" patterns!

  6. I need the recipe for the goats milk and lavender soap and I need a goat, too!


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