Friday, July 26, 2013

Second Half as Grand as the First

 On Wednesday, I had a play date with a friend's children!  We toured our neighbors farm, took a swim and when the rain chased us indoors, we made the melted beads suncatchers!  We made some small ones to hang from the bottom of the large disc so this is a great wind chime now, too!  If you look closely, the kids ARRANGED each bead instead of dumping them in the cake pan.  This took forever but they were happy and I took the cues for patience from them!
 I am seeing the sock morph from paper to foot!  It is a harder knit than the usual Fair Isle charts which are regular in their repeats but I am catching on to the randomness of the design!
 I finished the first of many of these cotton wash cloths to go with my soaps!


  1. How do you make those suncatchers? I have a bucket full of soft plastic beads in our story room closet...thinking this would be a great craft for the kids

  2. Their suncatchers look awesome! I am planning to arrange mine as well when I get to make them.

    Okay, that sock is awesome. Looking forward to seeing how the pattern takes shape.

  3. The suncatchers are beautiful -- and I love the rainbow designs, of course! :)

    The socks are fascinating. It will be fun to watch them grow. (a pun! haha! Sorry.)


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