Sunday, July 21, 2013

Crossing the Finish Line!

 I had spun 2120 yards of my goal of 2125 yards so this morning after getting ready for church, I spun up the milk by-product fiber for my final 37 yards.........but when I finished taking it off the wheel, I was still short 5 yards!  A quick dive in the stash uncovered this bit of a batt!
 So, after church, I spun up the little Corriedale  batt and achieved an additional 60 yards and so attained my goal of 2125 yards (miles)......the distance of the Tour de France!
This is what the 2,180 yards looks like!  I am smiling like the winner, Christopher Froome of Britain!


  1. That is quite a haul of yarn! I love the color variety. Finished on time, too -- bravo!

  2. Wow! Bravo! What an incredible accomplishment. And, I was proud to finish the four ounces/200+ yards that I just finished. :-)

  3. very productive - I like the red yarn best:) how did you like spinning the milk fibres? I tried them, but I don't really like the hand of the fibres, and I find the "foody" smell a bit disturbing, not my kind of stuff.... on the plus side it takes dyes very well:)

  4. That is a lot of yardage! You need to add your Team FBC logo to your site so you can show that you won.

    What did you think of the milk fiber?

  5. What a lovely group of yarns. What are you going to do with them? (And how was the milk fibre to spin? Have you tried knitting with it yet?)


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