Saturday, July 20, 2013

Approaching the Finish Line

 I hit the floor spinning this morning to catch up on the race........I needed 2,042 yards by this evening!  This skein added 112 yards of Peruvian Wool spun fingering weight.
 By noon I had two skeins adding another 110 yards of the same kind of wool.
 After dinner, I finished the third skein of another 110 yards so I surpassed my goal tonight by ending with 2,088 yards!!!  Tomorrow I only need another 37 yards and I will accomplish that after church by spinning the July fiber from the Fiber Binder Club!
 On the knitting front, I am making another feather and fan pattern-the stitches are the same but I left out the garter row between patterns.....I am pleased with the results.  I also reduced the needle size to a 1 which makes a nice firm fabric with the Stroll handpainted yarn from KnitPicks.
 I have the second sock already clipping along on the needles!
I did sew the binding onto the T shirt quilt but didn't manage to get the hand sewing done.  It will wait for me!


  1. Beautiful color on the socks.

    The quilt is one step closer -- that's a good feeling!

  2. Congratulations on all the yarn you spun during the tour! Wow!


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