Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Two Steps Forward and One Back

 The pantry is all stocked and organized!  It only took 2 hours to restock!  (And there is room for more supplies as we enter Hurricane season!)
 The purge pile grew!  Bill is going to take it all out and find homes for it in the trash or the resale shed!  Have at it!

The soap is all dried so I made labels for it and put some raffia for the pretty factor!  One of the best factors is that it leaves your skin so moisturized you don't need lotions after your shower.  I am very happy with the sample batch!
 My step back is the pretty Field of Flowers no longer exists.  For now.  I have to redraw that pattern as the two color knitting drew in more then I had expected and it won't fit.  I could look for someone with super small feet but I would prefer to make this idea work so it is back to the drawing board.   The good news is I have a handle on the gauge now so I can do the math and get it right this time!
 I cast on a basic sock so I have a consolation knitting project.   I am teaching a friend to knit the toe-up sock and this is what I cast on as I showed her how to start.  She already knew how to knit so she caught on quickly.


  1. Yay for a fresh pantry with room to spare! Beautiful looking soap too!

  2. David looked over my shoulder at the pantry picture and said "Oooh, she rearranged it. That's amazing!" :)

    The soap is so pretty!

  3. the pantry's looking good now! and I'd love to make my own soap, but I am worried about the lye and using all those chemicals in my kitchen... and to get the stuff first of all (living at the end of the world etc.:). pretty sock with those flowers, I am sure you'll figure out how to enlarge the pattern a bit!

  4. The soaps look great as does the "new" pantry. Perhaps the sock was "man size" for a reason?


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