Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Northern Visit Begins

I got to accomplish some knitting while flying to visit my parents in NY.
Mom and I started right in on  a project today.  We layered plastic beads in cake pans and then we baked them.
After cooling, we had Dad drill a hole in the top
 and hung them outside for when it stopped raining, we could see it shine in the sun!


  1. What a colorful post! Have fun!

  2. Just any plastic beads? For how long and at what temerature?

  3. Love the suncathers! Are you going up to Buffalo area? I want to go up to NY so bad but have to pay for a wedding this year, ha ha!

  4. How many minutes lapsed between the plane touching down and you guys starting your first project?! :)

  5. they let you use knitting needles on the plane? I was worried that they'd be confiscated, so I kept my knitting in the suitcase (but the flight only lasted 2 hours)... I used to do those colourful thingies with some granular stuff that could be bought together with those little forms - but the plastic smell in the house was awful, so I didn't buy more of the stuff once I had used up the bags... enjoy the stay - and have fun with all your "together-projects"!


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