Wednesday, December 16, 2009

So Much Activity!

The heating/cooling unit is outside on its cement pad!  (Heat comes off it, and Bling liked the warm air-plus, cats always check out something new.)

My hall has a new return vent in the ceiling.

Bill had to do some more duct work and Nyki helped him-she does love running up the ladder.  She was ready for her nap-or bored with the slow work pace-what do you think?

I have a new set of plastic bag totes on the loom!  It is good to be weaving again.

A different kind of loom called me this afternoon when a fiber friend on my YahooGroup mentioned this site.  (Scroll down until you find the how to weave with yarn on your potholder loom May 5 entry)
I had to dig out my potholder loom and try it for myself!  She suggests using wool yarn instead of the loops that come with this frame.

 Do I have wool yarn lying around or what?  Well, let me tell you, such fun!  There are more of these  on way-this is a great way to use up scraps! 


  1. Hooray on the AC unit being moved! Another great progress-milestone for the house.

    Another great picture of Nyki, too!

    I did you the favor of not telling the kids about this new project -- that way you can pull it out on your own schedule when you get here, instead of them accosting you for it the minute you step in the house! :) Can hardly wait to see you guys...

  2. Glad it's all done. I am still accumulating tons of turquoise bags for you.

    Glad the a/c unit is moved and your hallway vent looks so nice and clean!! I can't reach ours even with the step stool so it looks like it's growing a sweater.

  3. Wow, this will be great to teach some kids at my church. Thanks for the passing the idea along!


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