Thursday, December 3, 2009

Color to Dye For!

I still wanted to do the spot dyeing on these sets of socks so I tried the dyeing on cardboard tubes!  It worked great!  See how the lace flowers are now highlighted? 
And the butterflies are now outlined better to reflect the sulpha flutterers we have all year here.

I then dyed 2 more of the suffolk yarn skeins.  (Can you see I love this color best?!)

I set the dyes for the socks in the oven but cooked the skeins on the stovetop-Bill was not impressed with the wool aromas I produced......

But what great results from this, my preferred kitchen time! 


  1. Way too cute I love the the spot dying! I bet it was loads of fun.

  2. I love the flowered socks! And tell you husband that wet, clean wool smells better than wet dog. I've trained my husband actually to like the smell of wet wool.

  3. A woman on Jeopardy the other night made the claim that knitting was her "gateway drug" into crochet, sewing, and other crafting things. If that's the analogy, then you are definitely making your own "meth" and mixing it with "heroin" for kicks; and to think, your own mother introduced you to these "drugs."

  4. Great idea to dye just parts of socks!! Cool!

    I'm jealous of how smooth and nice your finished skein looks. Mine got pretty tangled recently. I guess that gives me more time playing with the same husband thinks that's a bargain!


  5. Very cool!

    (...and although I am not responsible for my husband's comments, I will apologize for him anyway! Ah well, his smart-aleck sense of humor is one of the reasons we love him!!!) :)

  6. hm, wet wool odours are tolerated here, as long as I don't dye with alkanet again (smells like something else from a dog:)) and wet silk smells always receive nasty comments - much worse than wool. I do agree with the best kitchen time though - nothing like a spot of dyeing:)) actually - I just dyed a similar turquoise 2 days ago:)) happy dyeing!

  7. Not fond of cooking food then? LOL


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