Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Package!!!

I found myself in the scary position of almost being out of fiber!!  A quick order to my friendly EtsyShopOwner (Stephanie of LunabudKnits)  remedied this!  The order of dyed Targhee fleece even included a few perks (wool soak and some firestar bits to add to my batts)!

[Talk about superior customer service, I should send a letter to the fireplace guy!!! Seriously.]
 I had to try some last night so I carded up a bit of fiber from the pink/blue bag and then a handful of the darker colors .

  Bling will sit on my lap while I spin, he doesn't mind the lap-rocking motions and it was a perfect end to the day!

This is going to be a skein of yarn very soon.  The fiber is soft and spins very easily, I can spin with a long backward draft, very differently from the Suffolk I have been spinning.  The 'little tangle' is just backspin that the cats added-they know better than to stick their paws in while the wheel is spinning, but it is fair game when I go and get more fiber!

We stopped in Sam's while in town and brought home this box; the cats know what to do with this treasure!

They vie for the best position, and then attack.  Bling usually wins.


  1. I checked out Lunabird's Etsy site. Temptation everywhere. That's going into my bookmarks..........

  2. In the third picture of this post, the wool looks like cotton candy!

    Cats and kids...boxes are always a hit and they're cheap, too!

  3. And I thought they were so friendly - that first photo looks like they are!


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