Friday, December 11, 2009

Good Day/Bad Day

The day started off with a wonderful morning.....I finished a pair of socks, and moved to the sewing room .

We are going to a birthday party tomorrow so I thought to make a pair of 'pocket pants'  by Birch Street Clothing for the tot who turns two.  The pants were a breeze and in no time at all I had my gift.

After lunch..........mmmmmm, the red grapefruits are showing up in the fruit stands. They are truly ready in January but it is hard not to be tempted by this fruit!
Then my day took a turn for the worse.....I went in the kitchen to bake.  I am so proficient in so many arenas but fancy baking beats me down every time.  Today I am blaming it on this....

a wretched gadget that refuses to let go of its pretty shapes for cookies.

 I tried for an hour but gave up and made the cookies the old fashioned way-dough balls squished flat with a spatula, baked on a cookie sheet (throw that baking will make a good stepping stone in the garden); I splashed some frosting on the cooled orbs. 

I am beaten but not down!  (Marsel, I will be bringing the cookie press to you for a permanent home, I am done trying to make it work!)  Bill mentioned that they do taste good so they were successful in spite of the kitchen demons trying to rob me of my GOOD CHEER!  (Actually, these are not Christmas cookies but just a thought to make some  fancy plain cookies for 3 little girls in Sunday School who have birthdays this week!)
I am starting a new pair of socks so my blood pressure will go back down.......


  1. My cookie press hasn't been successful either if it's any consolation. I pretty much avoid it!!


  2. Oh Mom, you and the kitchen just don't love each other!!! Sorry it didn't go well, but glad you ended up with a yummy treat despite the stress!

  3. I threw that gadget away ages ago! I prefer cookies that taste great to the ones that just look fancy:)) and I'd say that 3 year olds go more for the colours than the shape! happy munching!

  4. I don't know about the fancy cookiees but those look really good to me.


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