Saturday, December 19, 2009

Son Shine

We took the boys a load of wood from Bill so they have something to burn in their fireplace.

 Bill got is all stacked under their carport, ready for the fires to come.

 I brought a beef stew for dinner when they got home.

And I took a few toys to the new 'furry' grandkids-Caleb and Kristen's new kittens, Sketch ...

...and Storm. 

They play hard and then sleep hard, too.  They are adorable!
They both liked to help me knit this sock-one of several pairs I am going to make this winter for the men in the family!

Then they surprised me with my fav birthday dessert! (I have one of those on Sunday!)

 When I asked the boys for a pose to send to their sister for the annual family calendar, this is what I get!!
Did I mention we laugh a lot when we get together?!


  1. That last photo was great. I needed a good grin. And the kitties are so cute! And since today is Sunday, today must be your birthday! Happy! Happy!

  2. Fun stuff all the way around...and that is a classic Matthew & Caleb photo there!

    (and since I'm commenting on Sunday, happy birthday!)

  3. wow, you do have two good looking sons:)) not to mention the very cute kittens! and huh, we already have monday over here - but belated happy birthday anyway:))

  4. Your sons are nuts!!

    That beef stew looks great!

    It's hard to not want a new kitten. I love kittens and watching them play is better than TV any day.

  5. Nice looking family!!!!!

    Beef stew looks wonderful.

  6. Sounds like a great time, the last photo is a hoot. I love then kitten so cute when they are that small.

  7. Wow! What a fabulous fun-loving family.


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