Friday, October 27, 2017


I have had this project on the sewing machine for days! 
 Each wedge that needed to be embroidered required 45 minutes and a LOT of thread.  The instructions said to fill the bobbin with the same thread as the top-
I wish I had just matched it with the same color sewing thread
 because I ran out of the rayon thread 
and had to make some of the wedges with a darker color.  Sigh.
The little leaves are cute.
Everything needed to be trimmed
 and then soaked to remove the water soluble stabilizer.  

(A funny side note; 
 BoyWonder spilled his OJ in the sewing room 
and instead of telling me, he tried to clean it up on his own. 
 He grabbed some of the cut stabilizer and wiped it up
 and then was freaked out when the 'paper towel' began to turn to glop!  
He threw it down on the rug and left it.  
When I came in, I panicked because it looked like one of the cats 
had thrown up her intestines on the rug!
Upon cleaning up, I figured out what happened 
and Will confessed to using one of my paper towels!  
Never boring!)
The first set of gluing went well and I was excited about putting it together!
Unfortunately, the top section was a nightmare!  
I couldn't get the top circles to stay put because the curving of the wedges pulled it away.
I finally got it secured with clothes pins again
but when it dried,  I could see gaps.
It is pretty and it is going to be a  lone pumpkin because this project gets the
"There, I tried that!" award!
10 hours of work to learn a lot.


  1. Nice! Nothing says, "Autumn" like a cheery pumpkin.

  2. It is lovely and delicate. But I have to agree , that's a whole lotta work for one pumpkin! !

  3. I shouldn't be laughing but that is a pretty funny story now that you know it wasn't cat intestines all over your rug. The project turned out very pretty, that was a lot of work!

  4. Now that is a pretty pumpkin!

    Aren't kids hilarious? Maybe not in the moment, but looking back. And at least he tried to clean it up himself!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. They are SO beautiful. Love the embroidery.

    Poor Boy Wonder. I'm sure that made NO SENSE to him. LOL

  7. The “There, I tried that” award — I love it! That’s a good way to put it...we’ve all had projects like that before...glad you at least have something pretty to show for it! :)

  8. I think it is fantastic, so delicate and lovely.

  9. I'm looking at your posts and you are beyond talented. Love all your pumpkins, socks and cute black cat.


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