Monday, October 16, 2017

In the Pumpkin Patch-I 💗 FALL

Sometimes it's so good to see a day end.
Today was one of those days....
In a year from now, 
when I pull this knitted pumpkin out of a box
and set it back out on a window sill or shelf, 
will I remember that today was hard and long?

I hope not.

This pattern is available on Ravelry.
You can knit it in any weight yarn.
It's easy and nice to work on when you need something positive
 to show for the space you take up.
Dig out some orange yarn and get to knitting!


  1. The pumpkin is adorable. Sending positive vibes your way for a good week.

  2. That is the prettiest little pumpkin! Wishing you a better week ahead.

  3. Adorable!! I must make one, just because there is little to NO knitting going on here right now.

  4. Sometimes it is wonderful to see the end of a day, not that I am wishing them away it is just some are tougher that others. Love that wonderful pumpkin.

  5. That is so cute!!!!! I love your pumpkin


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