Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Manly Socks

 The Pairfect Socks are not fool-proof! 
 I realized after I was ready to turn the heel 
that the yellow portion I so 'smart alecky' used instead of wasting 
that they are not the same length 
so one foot has a larger area of yellow on the toe.
 So now my dear son-in-law can tell right from left as he chooses!
The yarn was nice to work with and the patterning is very interesting.
I used 2.50 needles over 72 stitches.
I have this left over which will be just right for a pair of socks for youngest grand.


  1. Naughty yellow toes-but they are still so much fun!

  2. Nice! I enjoyed knitting with the PAIRfect yarn and would purchase it again.

  3. They will be warm and they don't have to be perfect in my eyes. I'd love any knit socks

  4. Those turned out really nice. I love the yellow toes!!

  5. I’m sure Bruce will have a witty comment about the toes! :) He will enjoy wearing them — and it’s just the right time of year for a new pair of Grandma-socks! Thanks!

  6. I love the yellow toes! They are wonderful socks.


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