Saturday, October 21, 2017

Oh,My, Yes!

 Uh, huh, now we're talking!
 This is so pleasurable to knit the lace pattern from the bottom of this shawl!  
 It takes a long time to go across a row (355sts) 
but it is easy to remember the 22 st repeat even when it is repeated 18 times!
 Saturday morning is slow and has cartoons!
 I cut out enough pieces to make the 9 blocks
 for the next LeMoyne Star row in pinks this time!
And...another watercolor.
This one is an ode to my Nyki who is going to be 10 years old.
When you are a rookie artist, 
it is good to try all kinds of styles of painting 
so you can find what your own style is.
This is not my usual subject or technique
 but it makes me happy to see her on the wall!


  1. I agree with you on sampling styles. I have been watching watercolor and sketching videos on YouTube and literally copying the works so I can get a feel for how it all works. It is actually a lot of fun-almost a hobby in itself. Your kitty portrait is very sweet. I can't even imagine trying an animal in watercolor. That had to be hard!

  2. Nice job on the painting. It's good to try different techniques and styles in not only painting but also quilting, knitting, spinning, etc. It keeps the mind fresh and the craft challenging.

  3. 355 stitches! Wow! Love the colours though, they are gorgeous

  4. I've always found animals very hard to do in watercolour - acrylics or pencils, no problem!

  5. I love the cat artwork. Black cats are the BEST!
    Kids and morning and Tv and couch perches.....all familiar. Someday I hope to have grands to share those innocent quiet moments

  6. I would like to snuggle those boys on the couch! Love having a bag of fabric ready for piecing...your picture makes me itch to get out some of mine. Of course, I am itching to work on all of my projects in all of the different genres right now — must be the change of seasons making me want to domesticate and hibernate! :)


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