Monday, April 2, 2018

Simple Pleasures

A nice flat dishcloth
in a new-to-me pattern
called Fisherman's Simple Rib.
 The contact paper peeled off without a hiitch
and the design laid nice and flat and firm!
A victory and an exciting beginning to this project.
On to grout later today!
 The LeMoyne Star quilt is all sewn together.
It looks a bit like a mosaic from this angle!
Right now the top is 63" x 81"
I have plans for the borders because I want to end up 
with a queen sized quilt which will mean borders
that total 10" on each side.
It looks good on paper now but I need a trip to the fabric store 
to pick up several colors to complement the scraps!


  1. The birdies sure will enjoy their upgraded birdbath. It turned out beautifully.

    Happy shopping!

  2. Success all around! Love all the colors in the quilt and bird bath.

  3. That is one HUGE quilt! I love the texture on that dishcloth.

  4. What a great group of projects. All having their own appeal and skill. Can't wait to see the borders go on. I am working on borders too, but much smaller ones.

  5. What a nice star quilt - congrats on getting to this stage!

  6. Lovely - all around. That is a new-to-me pattern for a dishcloth.

  7. This post is very color-rich — pretty!


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