Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Topped Off!

 The Flowering Snowball block with nine-patches is completed!
It measures out to 40" x 52"-another top that needs a  backing fabric.
That trip to the fabric store is getting close, I hope!
And here is something I pulled from the lanquishing pile;
a doily!
I only need to finish this row and work one more and it will be done!


  1. That top turned out to be quite spectacular.
    I used to make doilies in my day. I haven't thought of them in ages. How handy would it be to have a few around for a classier mug rug.

  2. What a cheerful quilt top! I've knit three doilies and would like to knit a couple more from the thread that survived my downsizing binge - perhaps this summer. . .

  3. I can't wait to see that doily all blocked out. I bet it is impressive.

    I haven't crocheted with crochet thread in YEARS. I should give it a go again.

  4. Such a cheerful quilt top!

    I haven't crocheted with thread - ever! I do have some (very old) patterns for edgings (like for pillow cases and the like) that are so pretty. I may have to give it a go.

  5. I worked on a crochet project that was a pineapple tablecloth. I kept throwing it in the closet and digging it out for 19 years. Finally I finished it and two years later my puppy chewed a hole in it. Good thing I liked the dog. It's back in the closet waiting for me to decide if I can fix it.

  6. That is such a cool quilt!

    Doilies are non-existent in this house... little paws have little claws, and it's just an invitation to pull everything off the table in one fell swoop

  7. That quilt pattern is so cool! Fun to see a doily in the works again after a long hiatus!

  8. Oh how fun to find a doily almost done!!! Good luck with the finish!


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