Monday, April 16, 2018

A Pile of Intermission Knitting

Eleven dishcloths have come off the needles in the last few months....
I was only going to knit one or two until I felt like tackling
a big project again like the cardigan
or shawl
or socks
or summer top....
I'm still making dishcloths.


  1. Dishcloths have to be made in piles, don't they? While you are making one, you are always thinking about the next.

  2. Very pretty! I need to make some, but the last time I did the yarn and larger needles bothered me (I'm so used to using fingering weight and size 2 DPN).

  3. Oooh, the last one is gorgeous - too pretty for a dishcloth.

  4. Knit where your heart moves you! (That said - I REALLY need to get back to a certain cardigan...)

  5. That sunflower one is a REALLY cute pattern.

  6. I still love my sunflower dishcloth! I need to get back to some dish cloths!

  7. That’s funny — this past weekend, while I was getting more yarn for NICU blankets, a skein of cotton caught my I got it and made most of a dishcloth during Algebra class yesterday! A few more rows today and I will have a new one ready to use. Sometimes a quick, simple knitting accomplishment (aka, a dishcloth!) is just right.

  8. They are so pretty, I am loving the last one. Too beautiful to wash dished with!


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