Friday, April 20, 2018

Picot Finishes and a Pile

 First, I finished the doily and blocked it overnight.
It is 24" in diameter-a nice table-center size.
This one will be gifted to youngest son's household.
Here's what I bought at the fabric store-
starting at the top of the pile-
backing for Winding Ways,
backing for the Flowering Snowball,
and the bottom three will be binding, backing and border for the LeMoyne Star.
The dark brown is faux suede to recover this footstool.
But more on that project soon!


  1. Your doily turned out beautiful. Did you starch it or just "soft" block it?

  2. Oh, that doily!!! Makes me think of my great grandma who had them all over the place. I loved them and used to put them on my head and play bride.

  3. Gorgeous doily. Like Dee, I wondered about the type of blocking you did.

  4. The doily is gorgeous, how fun to have new fabrics to play with.

  5. Beautiful delicate doily!! AN HEIRLOOM!

  6. The doily is gorgeous!! Great job. And yay for fabric shopping. I did a little of that today myself.


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