Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Settled #1

 We found a big cement slab for the pedestal to rest upon
so we could place the birdbath in the yard!
 I should've waited to paint the base first
but I couldn't!
I will paint around the pedestal and be done!
Here, birdies, we have some water!
(In Florida, there is plenty of food for the birds, 
but there is a shortage of 'puddles' for the birds to water in.
This will be an essential stop for them when it heats up around here!)
I was measuring the quilt tops so I could buy the right amount of fabric today
 and I discovered two things about this quilt-
first it isn't square like I thought!
When I measured it,  
it is actually 40" x 48" so I turned it on the design wall and sure enough, 
it was the right size for a lap quilt!
But then I saw this corner in a new light-
I sewed in a wrong color here!
 Ahhh, much better!  
Now to head out to purchase some backing, borders and bindings!
And a quick beach visit to reward us all for the trip!


  1. Those hot birdies will be thanking you for the drink!

  2. Love the bird bath!! You did a great job.!!! Id want to put it out fast Too! The birds wont mind the base not finished.

  3. It is stunning, with the wrong color or without! Eager to see what your shop visit results in.

  4. So, you headed out the beach while I drove home slowly through snow and sleet!
    That quilt is just amazing. I can't imagine how anyone sews such beautiful curves! I'm still working on a straight line.

  5. The birdbath is off to the right if you’re looking out back from the pool, right? That color is such a pretty pop against all of the green. (I did have to smile as I thought about this...this will probably be a new favorite lurking spot for the cats, too, but not because they’re thirsty! Ha!) I’m glad your quilt fix was an edge piece!!

  6. The bird bath looks great in that spot!


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