Monday, April 9, 2018

Cutting it Up!

 I finished laying out all the blocks and border for the Winding Ways quilt.
 I am more than halfway through making the blocks and it comes off without a hitch most of the time!
 I also got out the Accuquilt for a new block I purchased...
 The Flowering Snowball die with 9 patch blocks in between.  
I can't wait to cut out another lap quilt size using the reverse of the background 
and the colored portions!
Because I wonder what would happen!
 Bill has been working with a friend to haul all the scrap metal out of the back-back yard.
I am thrilled with the reduction of the junk pile!
Bill has had to use the welding equipment to cut the larger pieces down in size so they could be loaded onto the trailer to go!
  Good riddance junk! 
 The money for the scrap  metal is just  a bonus.


  1. That quilt is just amazing! We just got rid of our bathroom junk pile that was in the driveway. It does feel good!

  2. Love the bright colors in your quilts. I seldom work with solid colors, but I do like the effect.

  3. I love the bright colors of it all! You are going to have to wear shades.

  4. Lap quilting sounds fun. Sounds like a accomplishable size. Hooray for clearing out the scrap! I have a outdoor heater that is not working, that we need to get rid of

  5. I'm sure it feels good to be knocking out some of the yard chores. We aren't quite there yet ............have to buy a house first.

    (We are in a townhouse where all the yard chores are done by a yard crew. I miss puttering in a garden. But, soon....hopefully, soon.)

  6. Wow, you can almost taste the colors in this post — they are so intense even in photos! Nice! It will be fun to see the reverse of that one.

    Hooray for cleanup! I have always been fascinated by welding and its equipment — I would like to watch Dad use some of his!

  7. Love the quilt. I bet you are more than ready to get rid of the junk, safer for the kids to I think.


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