Tuesday, April 10, 2018


 When I got ready to sew the blocks together, I noted an error in the layout.
 I did rip the block partially apart to fix the offending section
 and then sewed it all back together and 
in place!
  It would've driven me crazy!
 And then I did do a bit of piecing on the new quilt top!
I couldn't resist.
It goes together much more quickly then the Winding Ways top
with blocks of 9" since the pieces are much larger making the 12" block.
I'm glad for the break!
 This stepping stone is done
though I will not use white pieces with white grout again-
what was I thinking?
Oh, well, it will serve its purpose!
 I have the two halves drawn out for the next birdbath
and the tiles came in the mail so I can start work on that!
It rained all day yesterday and it is forecast for today also!
Rain, thunder, lightening and rain!
Bill will have to brave the downpour to drain some of the rain from the pool!
We have hit the level of the sides!
(which means I might get to do some more sewing!)


  1. Glad you were able to "catch" the misplaced piece before the whole top was assembled. Hmm, I didn't realize rain would cause issues with a pool, but it does make sense that water would have to be siphoned if water was added. Do you cover your pool after each use or only when weather dictates? Can you tell I'm a non-swimmer?

  2. Our rain is of the snowy variety when we get it right now. Good thing it's not "raining" that much!

  3. Sometimes its fun to leave little errors just to see if any one else notices ;)

  4. Great attitude about the rain! I still don't see the MISTAKE you had to fix. hmmmmm. That's ok. I love the quilt

  5. My friends in Orlando were saying they got a lot of rain yesterday too.

    Rainy days are great for getting things done inside, but I don't envy Bill having to brave the outside. I remember doing that with our pool. LOL One time it was 3x in ONE DAY!

  6. Your pool looks so inviting even in the rain. It must be heaven to have it right outside your door.


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