Thursday, April 12, 2018

Typical Day

Here was my set-up for spinning yesterday-
my e-spinner has a cord that plugs into the car charger so I can spin on the go!
 My view was so pretty ,
the temperatures were just right and it was dry after all the rain of the last two days! (8") 
 I was able to ply both bobbins into yarn; 
 Jjst in time to pick up to go!
 And when we finished with the lunch and nap routine, 
I painted the bottom of the basin and the pedestal of the birdbath.
 When I laid down the old birdbath to paint it,
I discovered why it was always crooked;
this portion of the basin was chipped away in portions
and so I did a fill of concrete to level the portions out.
 Once this area was slightly set, I painted this, too.
Oh, yes, this is better!
I am working on the mosaic for this basin, 
stay tuned! 
 When I was finished with all the painting, 
napper was finished so we took a golf cart ride!
This is what all that rain does for the pond!
Filled past its banks!
(and we have a little 'gator in residence again....)


  1. What a lovely day. How do you get the gator out? Eek!

  2. That sounds like a perfect day. I have never heard of a spinner that you could plug into the car. That's pretty cool.

    Say hello to the gator for me. I have to say, I do miss seeing the gators. I find them fascinating.

  3. Ingenious to plug the spinner in the vehicle's outlet!

    You do know that little gators become big gators. . .😎

  4. Spinning outside is the best. We are just weeks away from the MDSW and I have yet to get in the fleece shed to play. This cold weather has been the worst.

  5. You did a great job on the birdbath. Uh oh....gators! Be fast golf cart, be fast

  6. The bird bath is looking good already! It’s fun to perk stuff up, isn’t it?! I didn’t realize your e-spinner could plug into the car — neat!


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