Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Silky Plans

The latest arrival of the yarn club is in and it is a very soft yarn.
The directions is for a scarf.
I'm not usually a scarf knitter but I think this one will be a good change for me.
The pattern says the yarn will make a scarf 48" long which is a bit shorter
than my usual plans.  I will make it narrower to give me some more length.
I will begin as soon as that other sleeve is finished.........!


  1. That looks like some "darn good yarn". LOL

    Those colors sure will make a happy scarf.

  2. Gorgeous colors! The yarn will make a nice scarf.

  3. I hate when the pattern is shorter/smaller than I like. Of course, with my height EVERYTHING is too short! I am only 5'8", but long in stride and legs. And don't even get me started on arm length. Hope your plans work for the yarn.

  4. I like the colorway. It would go with many different jackets and coats.

  5. A pattern (or in my case, a recipe) is to give you an idea of where to start, then you mix it up and add your own flavors! I know where I got that gene — you just usually do it with fibers and I usually do it with food! :)


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