Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Another Dishcloth and Stuff

Another dishcloth alllured me to a simple knit-
from KnitPicks.
I finished the grout on the birdbath!
I am so excited.
I want to paint the rest of the surfaces; 
I will have to visit the paint store to find just the right color!
The repairs have been done to the old birdbath and I even sanded the pedestal
so when I do get some paint,
everything is ready!
Since I had all the supplies out for mosaics,
I made one of the three stepping stones I had planned 
a while ago.
I break up old yard sale saucers for the pieces.

Look at the beautiful sunset!
(I forgot to post this this morning-
and so it goes!)


  1. My Dad has my grandpa's old bird bath behind his shed... he said I can have it if I want, and you're making me want to take him up on his offer!

  2. Your talents know no bounds! I am too much a clean hands person to ever do something messy! Not even dirt stains these hands. LOL

  3. The birds will be flocking to this gorgeous bird bath - well done.

  4. The birdbath is GORGEOUS!!!!! How exciting! Fun to have the “cherry on top” of the new stepping stones, too.


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