Friday, April 13, 2018

Mint and Berries

 The riverside skein was reeled off today
yielding 258 yards of the fingering weight yarn.
I was afraid I was over-spinning it while plying
 but it turned out beautifully balanced;  a nice surprise!
I wrote the label and then thought to look up the details on the fiber-
it is not wool/rayon (even though that is what it feels like!
Ramie is what I meant to write....)
but here is a link if you are interested in what it is for real.
(a biodegradable cellulose fiber that is supposed to be mint infused-there is zero mint aroma,
 I will add!  But it is a very inexpensive spin!)
 I don't know what I will make with this skein....
but I finished it!
The first fiber I have spun and skeined this year!
 This is the pretty lane next to our driveway that leads to the homes of two widows behind our property.  Bill maintains the right-of-way as it is on our property.  
The 2-day rainstorm washed out the road farther down from here,
and he had some late night repairs to do so that they could leave their homes!
I like the snake rail fencing down the southern side of the lane!
 This fencing is made using railroad ties instead of split logs,
 but the zig zag construction is the same.
This view is looking back up towards the main road.
Why do we ride the golf cart down the lane?
To go to pick Mulberries!!!!


  1. That fiber is really interesting. Who knew anything like that existed.
    Your hubby is a real doll. How lucky to be your neighbor!

  2. Lovely spin!
    You live in such a beautiful spot!

  3. It's kind of your husband to maintain the right of way. I'm assuming, he's not legally obligated to do it for your neighbors.

  4. That yarn would make a LOVELY cowl.

  5. I never knew it was called Snake Rail Fencing. I love that look.

  6. What a beautiful lane to come home to! It must help dissipate the stress of the day!
    Your yarn is beautiful. I'm not sure I want scented yarn anyhow!

  7. Cellulose fiber yarn sounds rather ugly but it sure looks pretty! That lane is a lovely one, although I don’t usually think to stop and notice it. Nice idea! Eat a (giant) mulberry for me!


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