Saturday, April 28, 2018

Studio Thoughts

 I had an hour to work in the studio today 
so I cut out some pieces to make another Flowering Snowball with 9 patches quilt.
When I finished cutting all the pieces I needed, 
I placed them up on the design wall.
I was very disappointed with the colors.
They seem flat.A 
A few hours later when I could return,
I changed out several of the arrangements
and now I like the interaction.
It's tricky working with all solids-they don't play as nicely as the prints!


  1. Good move — this is beautiful! Those colors are visually refreshing.

  2. Definitely go with the redo. It's amazing the way a piece changes by moving colors.

  3. Changing the center dots made a big difference.

  4. It's funny how changing a small thing can make a big difference.

  5. I don't work with many solid fabrics because I like the "texture" I get from prints.

  6. I am so sorry you and your husband were feeling ill. Hopefully you are both much better now. I think my husband caught a bit of Little BUddy's bug and he never gets sick. So far I am in the clear. Wishing you a wonderful weekend with time to work on your quilt and knitted scarf. Love that yarn by the way.

  7. I didn't understand what you meant by flat until I saw the second arrangement. You are fight. It has much more movement.


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