Saturday, April 14, 2018

It Takes Time

Working in a few minute increments,
the Winding Ways quilt top is completed!
I need fabric for the backing so this will be added to the
quilting queue behind the LeMoyne star quilt which needs border fabric...
a trip to the fabric store needs to be squeezed into next weeks' schedule! 
 The second coat was added to the birdbath
and I spiffed up a few Terra Cotta pots, too.
 The rim needed a steady (sort of) hand to paint the rim of the basin-
two coats also!
I had to take a deep breath and realize this project needed time
to complete it;  
I had steps that needed 24 hours between them and there
was no hurrying it if I wanted it to be done right.
Now I have to apply sealer to the grout and tiles 
so that this birdbath will last 20 years!
 I will apply it, rub it out in 30 minutes and let it be for another 24 hours.

I will get to use this birdbath before another week passes!
(son #3 who is in the business of caulk and grout restoration
says it is an easy step that people skip and they shouldn't if they don't want to
repeat a tile and grout project in another 5 years!)
 Another pot was painted and it sure makes them look beautiful again!
(the paint is inexpensive as paint goes-$15 a quart at Home Depot!)
The old birdbath is all painted and waiting for me to work on the mosaic for its basin!
(It was exciting to see that the work I did to level
the inside of the basin fit beautifully;
secure and level is a wonderful thing!)
 Which I have started....
and will take my time to work on it
without being impatient!


  1. The WW is gorgeous! And the mosaic work is excellent. You are so handy.

  2. Wow...just wow. That quilt top doesn't even look real. And that

  3. You, my friend, have quite a variety of skills! Kudos or finishing the quilt top and nearing completion of the first birdbath facelift.

  4. That mosaic bath is so amazing! I'd be afraid the stupid squirrels would knock mine down and crack it. How do you prevent this?

  5. Patience . . . something I really need to work on.

    Obviously, YOUR patience is serving you well. Your projects are beautiful!

    (Sure could use your son up here. ALL the bathrooms need resealing and regrouting. But, I'm not doing it for a rental.)

  6. Wow, that fresh coat of terra cotta color really looks great! It’s such a great accent for your house’s decor, too. Will the quilt keep its curved edges or will they be cut into straight edges?

  7. Oh I like that bird bath as I am sure the birds will that visit your garden xx

  8. Your birdbath is so beautiful. Hope you stayed dry today, it has been raining like crazy here.


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