Saturday, April 28, 2018

99% Done!

 The matching boys' size 4 cardigan is 99% finished! 
(it needs buttons which I do not have on hand right now!)
The skein repeated the last three colors almost evenly for the sleeves!
I used size 4 needles, Lion Brand Mandala yarn 
(with several knots!) 
which is a DK weight acrylic yarn.
The pattern I used is  Felix's Cardigan  by Jacki Kelly of The Complete Fabrication.         .
Very easy to read and follow and the best part is the sizing
which is from infant to 6 year old.
 Our bird feeder has a blooming sunflower underneath!  
It is very pretty but without seeds yet!
 It only stand 2' tall at this point but is a very healthy specimen.
I hope it survives a young toddler's attention!
I rearranged the quilt top again this morning!
I decided the thing I really didn't like was all the black patterning being so prominent visually, 
so I switched its placement in the 9 patch blocks and that gave the whole quilt a very different appeal!
I'm not thrilled with it, but I am sewing it together (top row is all so far) so I am committed!
It is a much more traditional layout now
but still contemporary in the use of solids.
I'm 99% happy with it!


  1. 99% is a pretty good percentage! LOL

    The kid sweater is adorable!

  2. The sweater has a very pleasing effect...nice. I love volunteer plants (yesterday while I played in the dirt, I discovered cosmos from last year that spread and are already blooming, and a pansy that somehow made it from my pot to my landscaping)! The quilt looks good — I liked it before, but I like it even more now!

  3. I prefer this lay out of your quilt. I like it. Great job of the cardigan xx

  4. That sweater is so sweet! I can't imagine finding a sunflower. It's cold again-in the 40's boooo. I had to bring in my houseplants.

  5. I can't believe how evenly those sleeves turned out! It would never happen for me. LOL! Cute as can be.

  6. Isn't it fun to move bits of fabric around to change the appearance of the block.

    Love the sweater and the matching sleeves are kismet!

  7. It always amazes me how switch Hing things around can change the perspective. Both projects look great. Love the sweater.

  8. The sweater is just darling! I LOVE it. The sunflower is joyful. All you quilters amaze me ! I mean it!


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